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 Kenji Juan

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PostSubject: Kenji Juan   Kenji Juan Icon_minitimeFri Apr 01, 2011 5:23 pm

Name: Kenji Juan Age: 10. Gender: Male. Appearance: Hair: Black, Gaara style. Skin: Pale. Mouth: Fangs, Evil grin. Clothes: Ripped up, Burnt, Akatsuki Robe. Personality: Does not have a brother or sister and parents abandoned him at birth. Very lonely and wants to handle everything by himself even though he is only 10. Elements: Lightning, Water. Skill: Taijutsu, Genjutsu. Country: Land of Lightning Village: Hidden Cloud Village. Rank: Missing Nin, Banned from Village for murder of over 500 ninja and civilians. Kekkei Gekkei: Storm Release. Jutsu: Storm Release: Lazer circus, Chidori, Kirin, Raikari, Water prison, Water release Exploding Water Shockwave, Water release Great Waterfall Technique, Water release Water Dragon Bullet Technique, Water release Five Eating Sharks, Mangekyo Sharingan, Black lightning, Lightning ball, Chidori current, Lightning release armour, Chidori rush. History: Kenji Juan is a 10 year old child who was abandoned at birth, with no other relatives he had to raise himself. On his tenth birthday he slaughtered 500 people. He was banned from his village, so he joined the akatsuki and soon left because no one understood him. He kept his akatsuki robe, ripped up and burnt and went on his travel. On his journey he found a young boy his age, an uchiha. Together the went to hunt a tailed beast, the nine tails. Currently the host was a member of the leaf village. On their way they fought his friend’s cousin, Ronak Uchiha. They were easily outmatched and his friend was defeated. He transferred the mangekyo sharingan over to Kenji. Kenji trained by himself and devoted his life to defeating Ronak Uchiha. RP Sample: I am a gamer. I play xbox-360 and computer. I have played many MMO’s World of Warcraft, Maplestory, and many more. I also love anime Naruto Dragonball z, Bleach, Avater, And Death note. I had a Level 80 druid and have been hacked 4 times. On maplestory I have gotten to 90 on a mechanist, I tried DC universe but did not like it. If I can not be a Missing Nin then my whole history will be ruined. I hope you let me Very Happy .
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Kenji Juan
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