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 Ieyasu Uchiha; Hokage

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PostSubject: Ieyasu Uchiha; Hokage   Ieyasu Uchiha; Hokage Icon_minitimeSat Feb 14, 2009 1:50 am

Name: Ieyasu Uchiha

Age: 27

Gender: Male


Ieyasu Uchiha; Hokage Yondaime_by_reammara


Ieyasu should be best described as the quiet type. Ieyasu never shows emotion unless the situation demands it. Under normal times and situations Ieyasu will have the same bored expression pastered upon his face. Most of the time Ieyasu wont speak alot. Not much of a talker Ieyasu will stay to his own thoughts and dreams. On the rare occasion Ieyasu engages into a long conversation, this is more than smalltalk, Ieyasu will only do so because of something that intrests him greatly. Ieyasu dosent like to be rushed. Most of the time Ieyasu will take his time in doing things, so engrossed in his thoughts Ieyasu wont do things at a faster rate than he needs to. During battle Ieyasu regards his enemies with the same expression and attitude he gives his comrades: complete boredom and contempt. Battle is the only time Ieyasu will do things at a higher speed rate. Ieyasu enjoys a good battle, but a long carried on one bores him very easily and as such he will want to end it soon.
Family is a huge thing for Ieyasu. Any member of his clan Ieyasu will imediatly engage into conversation with as they are on his leval of thinking and understand him. A bad trait in which he recived from his father is the long fuse of temper. It takes alot of things and happenings to make Ieyasu angry. Annoyed, irritated, Karaus will become but rarly will he become fully pissed off. On the occasion he is angry people should steer clear as his anger is built up from many previous times.

Special Characteristics: (Does your character have any traits or characteristics that aren't normal, like split personalities, etc.)

Elements: Lightning / Fire

Skill: Ninjutsu / Genjutsu


Country: Fire Country

Village: Konoha

Rank: Hokage


Clan: Uchiha

Kekkei Gekkei: Sharingan



Ieyasu Yamada was born on a stormy night years back. The Leaf Medical Specilists were not sure he would live. Ieyasu ran a fever that was so high that the doctors were scared. They tried everything and anything but the fever would go down. Eventually the fever grew so bad that Ieyasu (as a baby) would just lay there devoid of the strenght to scream or cry. Everyone was sure he would die. Then a miricale happened. A mysterious medicals nin came into the hospital. No one knew his name nor who he was. He wore the arms of the Leaf and was imediatly trusted. He walked over to the death bedded child and started his "magic". The man didnt use chakra, didnt use a jutsu to heal he simple pulled a vial of some liquid from his pocket. After giving it to Ieyasu a mere minute or so later the fever began to go down. The man left without a word. Since that day the healers were shocked and suprised. Ieyasu showed no signs of it returning and he quickly had a full recovery. Jace's mother, who was scared and shocked as the healers, remained her composer and was grateful for her sons recovery. And while all the other doctors were skeptical of the man and his skills that healed the boy she remained quiet and subtle. The years passed and Ieyasu grew into a you toddler. Life wasnt hard. Jace's mother owned a shop in the village and ran it with percision. This was the only family Ieyasu had. His father had left before he was ever born and his mother refused to speak of him. Life in the Leaf village held its rewards. Skillful ninja and tons of powerfull people were all around. Because of this, Ieyasu began to hold a liking for the ninja ways. And soon, at an early age, he told his mother he wanted to be a ninja. His mother merely smiled and nodded her head as if she expected. Over the next few years Ieyasu practiced over and over. Working on the basic skills that were required to join and pass the Academy. Finnaly after a year and a half or so of practicing Ieyasu was allowed to join the Leaf Village academy. From the start Ieyasu knew he was special. He was far ahead the others of his class. Faster, stronger, and etc.

Life in the Academy was great. Being who he was Ieyasu enjoyed every bit of learning, practicing and all that. He met more friends than he could handle and enjoyed this time. Aside from the happniess that came with the school it was nothing compared to the skills he learned. His teacher, Ieyasu Sensei, was a great teacher. He taught them things that were beyond the basics. To focus and maintain your chakra. He explained all the terms, and everything that involved the ninja life. These times passed and Ieyasu grew more steadily over the future. He got better at everything and soon he knew he was ready to pass. The day came for the exam to pass. Ieyasu was shuffled into a room full of eliet Jounin. Teachers, specials all that. All were watching him, waiting to see if he could preform the necessary skills. They asked him to show his talents and Ieyasu did exactly that. He flared up his chakra, focused it, and created shadow clones. Three of them to be percise. After that was completed Ieyasu used the transformation jutsu and changed himself, and his clones into the likeness of the Jounin who were watching him. Still smiling greatly and flared with excitment Ieyasu didnt stop there. He then proceded to fight with these clones. Taijutsu to the max. Legs, arms, fists, all that were swung and as the time proceded the Jounin still watched him. After about and hour of showing his Taijutsu skills Ieyasu dismissed the clones and changed back. Tired and exausted he just grinned and barely managed to stay on balance. The Jounin then started to talk. After a few seconds Ieyasu Sensei stepped up and handed Ieyasu his ninja headbad and greeted him into the Ninja world as a Genin. Ieyasu, had passed.

If Ieyasu thought that the life of a Academy Student was great, it was nothing compared to that of a Genin. Ieyasu was pushed into a group of two of his peers who had also graduated. Then there were given to a Jounin sensei to continue the training. Jace's squad members was one boy and a girl. A Hyugga boy named Yourdan who was quiet and didnt speak much. But Ieyasu knew from the Academy he was a killer when it came to Taijutsu. The girl was a one Nami Tousen. A girls, whos personality was much like Jace's. While she lacked the skills of strenght her Chakra supply was beyond great. After graduating the academy and put into the squad the three went to meet there Jounin Sensei. He went by the name Yoshi Tamakei. He was a special joinin who excelled in water and air jutsu. From the start Ieyasu didnt like the man Yoshi. His attitude was that of contemt for his puplis and he never forgot to poke and shred down the skills and meanings of Ieyasu and the others. Especially Ieyasu. Life as a Genin was hard, constant everyday training with tons of different learnings and etc. Every day Yohsi demanded the three be ready at five in the morning and run around Kohona. Then they would progress into physical training. This consisted of the three going to Yoshi with all they had. Ieyasu was neither the best nor the worst. And fueled by his excitement for battle he didnt stop. After the physical training the rest of the day consisted of Yoshi teaching them of ways to preserve there chakra. And he taugh them how to use it and bend it to the ninja's will. Yoshi would teach new jutsu to the three. While he specialized in water and air he knew quiet alot of other jutsu as well. Ieyasu was always at the end of the Yoshis contemp. Ieyasu was never "fast" enough or "strong" enough and in Yoshi's words Ieyasu would never amount to anything with his iriitating attitude. This only pushed Ieyasu to do so much better. To show up his sensei. And over the years he did. Ieyasu slowly got better. Faster, stronger, and his chakra control grew stonger and stronger. He devoloped many new jutsu from Yoshi and soon Ieyasu was well at the leval of Genin. As a Genin missions were huge. As such Yoshi, Ieyasu, Nami and Yourdan left the village quiet often and traveled far to do low ranked missions. Helping, protection all things like that. The years passed and Ieyasu grew better and better. Soon he, along with his friends were ready for the test of Chunin. Neither encouraged by his sensei or helped by him Ieyasu (as did Nami and Yourdan) faced these tests alone on there own terms.

The Chunin exams. Tests that are designed to make you work your hardest and test all of your abilities. Normally these tests would scare any person but not Ieyasu. Filled with over happiness and excitement he began his training with Yoshi. One-on-one Chunin exam training was a special thing. Depending of what you learned and how you used it could either make or break you. Around this time is when Ieyasu devopled a great sence of respsect for Yoshi. Yoshi was at one time an Anbu Black Op and because of this he, as all anbu did, excelled at the art of Kenjutsu. This one on one traning sparked a certain attitude in YOshi and he actually began to train Ieyasu harder than ever before. Now while Ieyasu certainly excelled at jutsus and etc Yoshi had a feeling he would excell at Kenjutsu. Ieyasu spent hours and hours training with the normal Katana. And over the months that followed he became extremely good at it. So good in fact that Yoshi was outstanded himself at Jace's abilities. Then the Examns came. The first test was one of knowlage, the second of survival, and the last was a full on battle. Ieyasu passed the first exam only barely as there had been a trick involved with the proctor and the actual test. The second was easier, yet more dangerous. With his squad Yourdan and Nami, they faced the forest of death and passed that as well. (Although it cost many rounds of pain and discomfort.) Then the last test came to be given. It was a full on full battle with alll the other members who passed both the first and second exam. Ieyasu was confident in his abilities and was so excited that he shook with it. It turned out his opponent was a squad 2 boy who excelled at chakra control and genjutsu. Ieyasu knew the fight would be hard and test him but this only made it better. When the time came to face the boy Ieyasu was pumped and started as quick as he could. As expected the boy started with a genjutsu. Ieyasu had expected this so he knew he needed to get to the boy quick. Ieyasu used all the speed he had built up and ran to the boy. Knowing to avert his eyes Ieyasu only focused on moving. Finnally, after toiles of visions and confusing jutsu, Ieyasu got to the boy. Drawing his blade he began to show off his skills and techniques and after a while took the boy down. Making it out of the Exams alive was a great feeling. And even if he didnt get made a Chunin Ieyasu enjoyed the idea of just passing. A week or so later and Ieyasu found he had been promoted to Chunin. The years of practice had payed off.

The time of being a chunin ment that Ieyasu would be looked upon for leadership and guidence on missions. And he didnt let this title down. Ieyasu led all the missions he was given to be leader and most all were successful. Over this time Ieyasu grew more and more knowlageable. Gaining tons of experiance of the field was a good thing and soon he was a very powerfull adversary. Finnaly came the true test of wheather Ieyasu was a good ninja. Becomming a Jounin. The tests as a Jounin were so much more harder than that of a Chunin. And after tons of toiling and struggled practicing Ieyasu took the exams. And made it. So finnaly Ieyasu was a Jounin. an eliet ninja in the village. And this also ment he would become a Senei to younger ninja like oh so long ago when he was taught.

On the dark day that the pervious Hokage passed the new one was being chosen. No body knew who the elders would choose. Ieyasu was supriesed when he was chosen. The elders chose him to be the Hokage and to rule the village. So now, up to this day Ieyasu rules the leaf village.


Ieyasu layed on his back on the smooth grass. He stared up into the leaves of the many trees and closed his eyes. He listened to all the sound around him: The gently moving wind, the rustling leaves, his smooth breathing. Ieyasu streched, and placed his hand behind his head. The tree five yeards from here, its leaves keep changing at a quick rate. Three mintues ago they were moving left now there moving right. At this rate the wind will be moving southern in seven minutes making the leaves go both ways. Ieyasu cracked open his left eye and looked at the barely visable clouds through the leaves. Cummulus clouds. Native to this region. Ieyasu then stood up slowly, one eye still closed. Im late now. Fifteen minutes late to be percise. Sensei is going to be mad, actually, very mad. Ieyasu sighed. I'll probably have to run. Ieyasu then put his hands in his pockets and began to walk slowly forward. Normaly it takes five minutes from this spot to the western field. But at the rate Im going It will take most likely eight. Mabye nine. Ieyasu opened both his eyes and sighed once more as he continued walking forward.
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Ieyasu Uchiha; Hokage
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