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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeSat Feb 14, 2009 1:31 am

The following are the rules of the site. Breaking of said rules will not be lightly tolerated.

1. Only one account per member. Members are not allowed to have more than one account but if your character dies/is killed you may create another. On the off chance your allow to have more than one character (deemed by an Admin) they cannot be of equal rank or power as the first.


3. In order to Role Play, you must first have your Character Application Approved by a Staff member. Of course your free to post Out of Character without an approved app but thats as far as it goes.

4. Controlling another member's character is not allowed. This is commonly refered to as "God Modding". Dont do it. This is a serious offence and isnt tolerated. I understand that being a high powered character has its advantages with skill but there is still no excuse to completely "God Mod". If caught you will be warned, the second time will result in punishment.

5. When posting, do not write posts that are short. We have 100 word minimum on here. Which means all posts must be at least 100 words or more. Now I understand that sometimes a post may be difficult. Depending on the situation and etc but this isnt much and can be done easliy.

6. This is a Non Canon site. No character created here may resemble a character from the Anime in any way. Appearence, attitude, skills etc. So when making a character just use your imagination and make them your character.

7. Respect. It's a two way street guys. (No pun intended) Please respect all members at all times. While there are some people you may not like or get along with this dosent allow you to be rude to them. Treat all people with respect.

8. Obey all Staff members decisions. These people get the final say when it comes down to it. They have been chosen because I feel they would do a good job at regulating the forum. If you do not feel like a Staff Members decision is accurate or good please contact me about it and I will do my best to resolve the situation.

9. Spamming out of the Spam section is a "no no" so dont do it. Spam takes up alot of space and sometime time. Thats why there is a specific place for all that stuff. So please just post it there. (Remember guys, double posting is considered spam. Dont do it)

10. Only Staff members may post in Character Apps. This is to avoid spam build up in apps. So as of now if your not Staff dont post in an App. If you feel you should give advice on an app PM the person about it.

11. The Chatbox. This is on the forum for your simple convienance. To chat with other members, have fun and etc. But this place is a privlage given to all members and can be taken away. Please while in the Chatbox keep swearing to a low, sexual content is completely denied, and for your own sake do not be negative all the time, and argueing alot is frowned upon. Keep these things to PM please.

12. When role-playing please do not join to may topics at one time. This can be confusing and slightly irrtating at times. So dont go joining five topics at one time.

13. Genin may NOT leave the village unless they are with a high ranked Nin. (Jounin or higher)
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